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9-ball billiards is played with 9 balls (1 to 9) and a cue ball. The goal is to legally pocket the 9 balls before your shot, but the first ball the cue ball hits must be the lowest numbered ball on the table. A players turn ends when they fail to pocket a ball or if they foul/scratch.

The break is made by Player One, beginning from any point behind the Head String. Player One must hit the 1 ball with the cue ball first before hitting any other balls. Player One wins if they pocket the 9 ball on the break.

A player must strike the lowest ball on the table first.

If a player fouls for any of the reasons listed below, his turn at the table ends and the incoming player is awarded ball in hand anywhere on the table. Any object balls that he pocketed while fouling are spotted and the table is turned over to his opponent. Possible fouls are:
- Pocketing the cue ball.
- Failure to strike the lowest ball on the table first.
- Failure to strike the lowest ball on the table at all.

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